Handmade Leather Card Holder | Leather Men Wallet

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100% Genuine Calfskin

100% Handmade

Width – 8 cm
Length – 11 cm

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Important Note: Our products are completely handcrafted and natural.

there may be slight variations in color tones!

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Matters needing attention before purchasing;

– All handmade items are made from natural tanned premium leather.
(Leather is a living material. The marks, wrinkles you can see on the leather surface are the natural structure of the leather. Most of the smooth-looking leathers are produced using filling dye and are cheap products from genuine leather.)
– All of our leather products are produced entirely by hand.
– Due to the individual preparation of the dyes used for each product, color tone differences may occur.
(The tonal differences in the products are due to the nature of the dye and especially the leather, and they are the factors that prove the naturalness of the leather.)
– The threads used in the assembly of leather products are leather thread (thong) or waxed thread and are made entirely by hand assembly.

Instructions for Use;

– Do not overfill the bags, wallets, etc. products.
– Materials used in leather products, including the top coat brightener and the leather itself, may burn.

– In leather products, the color of the leather parts changes depending on usage, light and friction, and it becomes darker.

-Leather products are not cleaned, they are affected by water and all kinds of stains and cannot be cleaned.

– Avoid contact with rough and corrosive environments.

– Salt water (sweat, sea water, etc.) adversely affects your leather products, in such a negative situation, you can purify them with normal water,

(For products with compartments such as bags, wallets, etc., fill enough paper inside) and leave it to dry in a way not to be under heater and sun.
– When using your leather products, wet wipes, alcohol, spirit, cologne, these and similar substances cause the paint and skin of your leather products to deteriorate.
– Do not use oil to polish or soften your product. You can use a quality polishing sponge to shine.

Use a soft damp cloth for cleaning.


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